You’ve come to expect great customer service from library staff, and we want to keep it that way. To maintain that level of service, DGPL is always looking at new and innovative ways to make it better. Here is our promise to our patrons:

We hire friendly staff who want to help you.
We work together as a team for you.
We take you to the right place.
We value your suggestions and feedback.
We know books and movies and love to offer you suggestions.
We help you find the answer to your question.
We provide a safe, clean, and orderly environment.
We adapt to serve your changing needs.

See the library's organization chart for more information.

Julie Milavec headshot
Julie Milavec
Library Director

630-960-1200 ext. 4300
Jen Fredericks headshot
Jen Ryjewski
Assistant Director

630-960-1200 ext. 4299
Katelyn Vabalaitis headshot
Katelyn Vabalaitis
Business Office Manager

630-960-1200 ext. 4245
Cindy Khatri headshot
Cindy Khatri
Marketing & Communications Manager

630-960-1200 ext. 4296
Ian Knorr headshot
Ian Knorr
Building Operations Director

630-960-1200 ext. 4244
Christine Lees headshot
Christine Lees
Circulation Services Manager

630-960-1200 ext. 4264
Van McGary headshot
Van McGary
Adult and Teen Services Manager

630-960-1200 ext. 4253
Lizzie Matkowski headshot
Lucas McKeever
Access Services Manager

630-960-1200 ext. 4301
Paul Regis headshot
Paul Regis
Information Technology Manager

630-960-1200 ext. 4291
Allyson Renell headshot
Allyson Renell
Children's Services Manager

630-960-1200 ext. 4260
Kids Room Desk

630-960-1200 ext. 4279

Computer Help Desk

630-960-1200 ext. 4288

Adult and Teen Services Desk

630-960-1200 ext. 4274

Checkout Desk

630-960-1200 ext. 4271