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DGPL has special collections, resources, and programs for the library’s senior patrons.

To support seniors in our community, we have:

  • Programs - Find programs that are designed for seniors by using the Age Group filter and selecting "Seniors."
  • Home delivery - We'll bring books, CDs, DVDs, and magazines to those unable to get to the library due to temporary or permanent health issues. Contact homedelivery@dglibrary.org or (630) 960-1200 ext. 4252.
  • Large-print books
  • Audiobooks on CD or Playaway (pre-loaded MP3 player)
  • Captioned DVDs
  • Handheld magnifiers
  • Instructional sign language collection
  • Voices of Vision Talking Book Service - Recorded books, materials in Braille format, and descriptive videos for those with visual, physical, or reading disabilities. For more information, contact Voices of Vision at 1-800-227-0625.
For additional services for older adults in the Downers Grove area, please visit:
Voices of Vision

For information on services for people with disabilities, contact ADA Coordinator Julie Milavec at jmilavec@dglibrary.org or 630-960-1200 ext. 4300.