Early Morning Riser by Katherine Heiny

“I loved this sweet, tenderhearted, well-written book with its cast of perfectly imperfect characters who reminded me of the immense love and beauty of ordinary life in an ordinary town. Toward the end of the book, I started reading more slowly simply because I did not want to say goodbye to the cast of wonderful, quirky characters!” – Nancy, Adult & Teen Services

Jane, the novel’s protagonist, moves to Boyne City, Michigan to take a job teaching second grade at the local elementary school and almost immediately falls for Duncan, a handsome, warm, kind-hearted local woodworker who happens to have slept with most of the women in town. Jane and Duncan build a life together that includes a cast of quirky characters, including Aggie, Duncan’s ex-wife; Jimmy, a local man in need of a family; Frieda, Jane’s mandolin playing best friend; and Jane’s prickly mother.