DGPL Computer Tutorials


Gmail: Embedding an Image into an Email

Email: Sending Blind Carbon Copies


Browser: Changing the Homepage

Introduction to Personal Computing and the Internet

Online Shopping

Searching the Internet

Office 2007

Office 2007: Downloading Templates

Office 2007: Saving a Document as a PDF

Excel 2007: Set AutoRecover Option

Excel 2007 Introduction: Student Guide

PowerPoint 2007: Adding Borders

Powerpoint 2007: Adding a Watermark

PowerPoint 2007: Editing the Master Slide

PowerPoint 2007: Student Guide

Publisher 2007: Student Guide


Word 2007: Adding Citations and Creating a Bibliography

Word 2007: Beginner Student Guide

Word 2007: Bullets and Numbering

Word 2007: Changing the Default Font

Word 2007: Creating Labels

Word 2007: Creating a Table of Contents

Word 2007: Drop Caps

Word 2007: Intermediate Student Guide

Word 2007: Mail Merge

Word 2007: Ruler, Margins and Tabs

Word 2007: Tables

Word 2007: Using the Format Painter


Office 2013

Office 2013

Easy Excel 2013

Easy Word 2013

Word 2013: Creating Labels

Word 2013: Headings

Word 2013: Using the Format Painter

Office 2016

Office 2016

Introduction to Excel 2016

Excel 2016 Intermediate

PowerPoint 2016: Introduction

PowerPoint 2016: Intermediate

Word 2016: Introduction

Word 2016 Intermediate

Social Media

Facebook Basics

Facebook: Uploading Photos


LinkedIn Student Guide


Prezi Student Guide

Twitter 101

Windows Operating Systems

Windows 7: Downloading and Installing Fonts

Windows 7: Introduction

Windows 7: Using the Snip Tool