Rumi Session Series; Love

Year Acquired: 2020

1st Floor (Temporary Location)

Sarvin Haghighi merges traditional Iranian art forms with a contemporary sensibility. In combining Farsi calligraphy and Islamic architectural designs with mixed media (including resin and gold leaf), bold lines, and framing, Haghighi affirms the enduring aesthetic of a culture that is too often represented through the limited lenses of war and political turmoil. The meticulous composition of these works share the laconic beauty of Rumi’s poetry, which ultimately works to create an emotionally resonant homage to tradition in the frantic modern world.

“Art is a powerful weapon. I am on a personal mission to bridge the gap between cultures and find a common ground that unites us all as human beings through art” –Sarvin Haghighi

As a child in the midst of the Iran-Iraq war, Sarvin turned to painting to find her voice. It was amidst the acrylics and canvas that Sarvin captured the cherished memory of childhood, honored the traditions of her people, and provided cultural commentary on the female experience in contemporary Middle East society. While passion for her Persian roots provides continual inspiration for Sarvin, her cross-cultural exposure gives a universal subtext to her work. Her meticulous compositions share the laconic beauty of 13th-century Persian poet, Rumi, creating an emotional homage to tradition in a frenetic, modern world. Sarvin reimagines traditional art forms of Farsi calligraphy and architectural Persian/Islamic designs, combining them with gold leaf, bold lines, and framing. This allows Sarvin to affirm the enduring aesthetic of a culture too often represented through the limited lens of war and political turmoil.

Reborn and Rumi Session Series; Love are donations from the Downers Grove Public Library Foundation.