Three Graces, Aleksandra Cozzi (left)
Road to Reclaim Peace, Mary Beth Purse (right)

Exhibition Dates: March 3 - March 31, 2020

1st Floor, North Gallery

North Gallery
Works by Aleksandra Cozzi

the experimental season

My goal for this exhibit is the images give us a newly found admiration for the complexity of simple flowers. The images are meant to show us how to nurture and emerge anew as we contemplate years of our own future blossoms. Also, I hope the intricate flora will inspire in you a genuine desire to grow a garden, no matter the size. Share your harvest and your garden will flourish in abundance.

Cafe Gallery
Works by Mary Beth Purse

Paint what you know. This is how I approach my artwork. I find inspiration from the landscape I know well, the prairies, marshlands, woodlands of the midwest, deserts and mountains of the southwest. Changing seasons and diverse weather conditions add a new element of beauty to the same location and present new challenges to interpret the landscape with a fresh breath.