Strategic Plan: Two Down, One To Go

As 2017—the library’s year of planning—comes to a close, two of the three planning process components are complete. 

Approved in August with a single item added in September, Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020 provides a road map of services for years to come. Its four areas guide the library’s service to the community: 

1. Excel in delivering service and managing community resources 
2. Engage with our community and the world 
3. Empower individuals at all ages and stages of life 
4. Evolve with our changing community 

The Facilities Assessment, received by the Library Board of Trustees in August, reports on the current state of the building and its future needs, as well as those of the equipment, furnishings, and fixtures. The assessment prioritizes needs and provides cost estimates for the building’s sustainability. 

To round out the planning year, the Long Range Financial Plan to guide the library’s budget and levy for the future is now under development. The idea is to create an ongoing cycle of saving and reinvesting in the facility while meeting the goals of the Strategic Plan. With the Library Building and Equipment Replacement Fund established in April, the Library Board moved toward funding expected capital needs. 

The prioritized needs and cost estimates from the Facilities Assessment, paired with the goals, objectives, and activities of the Strategic Plan, come together in the Long Range Financial Plan to provide targets for long-term financial success.

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