Strategic Plan Leads to Staff Reorganization

After assessment of staffing levels and implications of the Strategic Plan 2017-2020, approved by the Library Board of Trustees on August 23, Library Director Julie Milavec implemented a reorganization plan that supports the new areas of focus of the Strategic Plan while maintaining the high level of library service expected by the Downers Grove community. It brings the library’s organizational structure into alignment with most other libraries of its size and creates capacity to meet more of the long-term needs of the facility directly.

Under the revised structure, Managers report to the Library Director, with the Assistant Director acting in tandem with the Library Director. A Facilities Manager directly supervises Custodians and Security Monitors, in addition to addressing more physical building needs in-house. A Media Lab Coordinator directly addresses Strategic Plan objectives by creating and conducting training of staff and patrons on equipment and supporting the use of Media Lab equipment and spaces. A Communications Coordinator position directly addresses the creation and implementation of a Communications Plan. The Public Relations Manager job description also changed to reflect the community engagement focus of the Strategic Plan. This is not a cost-cutting measure and has a net zero impact on total salaries budget. Four positions were eliminated: Assistant Director for Public Services, Assistant Director for Support Services, Digital Librarian, and Lead Custodian.

See the revised organizational chart here.