Strategic Plan

2017 was a strategic planning year for DGPL. With your input, we've created a plan to guide us for the next three years. Check this page for updates and email Library Director Julie Milavec at with questions.

January - March 2017: We gathered information from staff, community stakeholders, residents, and the Library Board of Trustees through online surveys, in-person interviews, and small focus groups.

Infographic of one page strategic planMay 2017:  The Board approved the One-Page Strategic Plan 2017-2020, which conveys the Values, Purpose, Core Services, and Strategic Focus on May 24, 2017. It can be used as a handout, poster, or conversation prompt. 

June 2017:  A first draft of the full Strategic Plan, including an Action Plan, was presented to the Board. The Action Plan lists goals, objectives, and actions, with measurable outcomes and target dates for completion. The Action Plan is primarily an internal document to guide the library’s planning, budgeting, and delivery of services and resources.

July 2017: A second draft of the full Strategic Plan was presented to the Board, along with a Capital Needs Assessment which establishes priorities and estimates.

August 2017: The Strategic Plan 2017-2020 and the Capital Needs Assessment were approved. Work began on the Long Range Financial Plan.

December 2017: Capital Needs Assessment Report projects reordered to accommodate budgeted 2018 project. The remaining interior renovations not completed in 2014 are included.

January 2018: Financial Management Plan presented to the Board. This plan is based on the Capital Assessment Report projects reordered.

Links to the documents: