Nintendo Switch Games? We've Got Them!

Nintendo’s latest video game console, the Switch, is a cool blend of home and mobile gaming functionality. A different experience for users, detachable “Joy-Con” controllers allow different configurations for the various styles of games offered. The flagship Switch game, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is a classic adventure game in the series, and features protagonist Link in the challenging new open world Kingdom of Hyrule. 

Just Dance 2017 takes advantage of the detachable controllers to emulate the dance moves shown on-screen. 

The 28 mini-games of 1–2 Switch highlight the various capabilities of the Joy-Cons in offbeat ways. In Baby, for example, your goal is to take the console out of the dock and hold it like a baby, rocking it slowly until it stops crying, and then setting it down gently without waking it up. Some players have found “crying mode” a little too realistic! 

Splatoon 2 is a vibrant and exuberant sequel with lots of fresh additions and changes, taking full advantage of the multi-player capabilities of the Switch console. 

Get your game on with the 14 Switch games available at the library. We’ll add more as we go. All video games circulate for two weeks and can be found in the Kids Room and Teen Central. Search the catalog for available games here.