Let the Updates Begin!

Fri., Nov. 16 – The Service Desk is being moved and walls are being patched.

Wed., Nov. 14 – Work continues to move electricity for the new Service Desk and to install new plumbing for the Family Restroom.

Mon., Nov. 12 - Ceiling tiles are being cut and fitted near the Ask Us Desk.

Thurs., Nov. 8 - Electricians begin working on the updated lighting on the second floor.

Wed., Nov. 7 - Electrical work begins in the new Service Desk location.

Tues., Nov. 6 - Family Restrooms in the Kids Room are being demolished.

Mon., Nov. 5 - Crews put up plastic around the family restrooms in the Kids Room and the Service Desk in the lobby. 



On Monday, November 5, work will begin to renovate restrooms, reconfigure parts of the lobby, update the staff lounge, and improve lighting on the second floor. The family restrooms in the Kids Room will get a much-needed facelift, including the addition of a toddler-sized toilet and sink. The Checkout Desk will move forward so it’s more visible to patrons and so staff can see both entrances.

Replacing fluorescent lights with LEDs will improve the lighting in the nonfiction area, main seating area, and Ask Us Desk. Some areas of the lobby and second floor will be inaccessible at times. Just ask any staff member and items will be located for you. The work is expected to be finished before the year-end.

During the 2014 renovation, these improvements were all cut due to their cost. In the past few years, the Library Board saved the funds needed to finance these improvements. No bonds or loans were taken to fund the project. In addition, these improvements fulfill goals set out in our Strategic Plan.