From the Director

Planning for the Future

As we step into spring, strategic planning continues with the library’s management team drafting a final plan. 

Using demographic reports, statistics, plans from other local government entities, and samples from other libraries, our team has a lot to work with. The plan, one that will fit the unique needs of our community, is shaped by input from residents via focus groups and online surveys, interviews with key stakeholders, and brainstorming sessions with staff and the Board of Trustees. 

We expect the plan to go through several drafts before the library’s Board of Trustees is ready to move forward with approval in late summer. 

The next step is a facilities sustainability plan. We’ll assess the current state of the building and its long-term capital needs, as well as those of the equipment, furnishings, and fixtures. We’ll prioritize need and provide cost estimates, while the Board of Trustees ensures it reflects strategic plan priorities. 

To round out our year, these steps will feed into a long-range financial plan, guiding the library’s budget and levy for the future. The goal is an ongoing cycle of saving and reinvesting in the facility, all while meeting the goals of the new strategic plan. This long-range plan will provide a timeline for addressing capital needs as well as how to fund them. 

The library has a proven track record of planning for future capital projects. Building on that record, we’re developing a road map for the library’s future with strategic, facilities sustainability, and long-range financial plans. 

See for updated information as the process progresses.