Active in the Galleries

Active in the Galleries

Works by Lavinia Morozan
On Display Through October 31
North Gallery

Meet artist Lavinia Morozan at a Meet the Artist event. on Sunday, October 21 from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Featured: Puzzled (detail)

I was born and raised in Romania, in the beautiful region of Transylvania, in Sibiu where I attended a Fine Arts High School. I graduated from West University of Timisoara, earning a Master Degree in Fine Arts with a focus on Fashion. When my husband and I moved to Chicago, I worked as a freelance fashion designer and started making costumes for theatre and movies. I feel privileged to mention Joffrey Ballet, Goodman Theatre, and Lyric Opera as workplaces, and movies like Jupiter Ascending, Transformers, and Chicago Fire amongst many I’ve been part of as costume crew.

I graduated from DePaul University with a Master Degree in Secondary Education in Visual Art. I presently teach at Holy Family School in Bensenville. I live with my husband and two sons in Downers Grove—we are proud to call this town our home.

I create works of art to express the emotional experiences I have with the world around me. The work I create is a result of the intimate relationship and memories I have every day with people, nature, and objects.

In my abstract pieces, these impressions are deconstructed and creatively molded back together to offer a new perspective. Memories are created on both the conscious and unconscious level, and I deliberately choose to remember the positive and uplifting experiences. I use a combination of simplification, reduction, and abandonment of the formal elements and disciplines acquired during my training, and give the viewer a chance to add a layer of personal reaction and interpretation. 

Art is an essential part of my life and through it I want to be a part of the conversation involving culture, direction, past, present, and future.

Works by Terry Niccoli
On display through October 31
Cafe Gallery

I am a classically trained artist, inspired by places and scenes that most people may not notice. As lighting changes, so do the color and mood of a scene. I have always been fascinated by these subtle changes. Working in pastels allows me to capture the spontaneity of life and having a family has increased my appreciation for these everyday moments.

I choose my subjects and medium based on my interests and personal preferences. I think that most people often miss small moments in life, so I feel compelled to capture them and I hope that people who view my work will take away a greater appreciation of those fleeting moments.


Featured: On Your Mark (detail)