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North Gallery
Works by Paul Callahan
On display through July 31

Meet artist Paul Callahan on Sunday, July 15 from 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Featured: Christopher Street, New York (detail)

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

~ Edgar Degas

While walking my mail route, the Morton Arboretum, forest and parks, or while running, I’ve been fortunate to glimpse the beauty of the reflections and paths I’ve chosen.

Rain, sunlight, shadows, snow, leaves, and debris form the layers of my paintings. Whether I’ve chose the road less traveled or not, I’ve been inspired to cpature and pass it along in my art.

View more of my art at and on Instagram @paulcallahanart.


Cafe Gallery
Small but Mighty, Expressive Landscapes by Maggie Capettini
On display through July 31

Featured: Red and Blue, Me and You (detail)

Maggie’s inspiration for painting takes root in her affinity for natural environments. As a child, she spent summers in northern Wisconsin with not much to do but enjoy the pristine surroundings: virgin pines, fresh lake water, and beautiful sunsets. Inspecting bugs, creating a “museum” of treasures found, and listening to loon calls kept her busy.

She paints frequently outdoors. “To paint on location is to be so fully immersed in your subject as to become a part of it. The colors are brighter and more varied, the shadows more interesting, the weather and season palpable. In your stillness and quiet observation, you are aware of so much more than you would otherwise be.” Using painting knives on panel, she applies and removes paint, creating a textured surface revealing layers of color. Many of her works are inspired by the forests and prairies of northern Illinois. Maggie takes her painting kit along on the road, resulting in plein air paintings from places like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Maine.

Artist Statement

In my paintings, I explore textural paint application, expressive color, and strong shape. Rather than beginning a painting with a sketched outline, I begin by massing in color, working from large shapes down to smaller details. Painting with knives forces me to see in terms of shape. At times, my knife boldly strikes the canvas, building up and scraping back paint. Other times, a slow and delicate touch is needed to create the desired effect.

I work alla prima, finishing a painting in one sitting. This creates freshness and energy in my paintings. When working en plein air (outdoors), the alla prima method allows me to capture a specific quality of light before it changes. I am inspired by seasons, weather, water, and light. I choose subjects that grab me. When painting outdoors, I will roam around for a bit, searching for the subject that stops me in my tracks. When I can’t paint a subject from life, I take a photograph to use as inspiration in the studio.




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