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Artists currently hanging in the library gallery spaces.

Works by Jane Walker and Lynn Wood

Works by Jane Walker
On display in the North Gallery through July 2

I enjoy working on large color-filled canvasses, emphasizing line, form, and texture. My greatest pleasure is to let go of preconceived ideas of what is considered “right” in drawing and painting. Experiencing, experimenting, and expression—these are the approaches that define me as an artist.

Featured: Flowers (detail)


Works by Lynn Wood
On display in the Café Gallery through July 2

As long as I can remember, I have liked to draw.  

When I was 13, I took park district oil painting lessons. I also had four years of art in high school, which included two years of oil painting, and some evening classes with my art teacher, Len Madurra.

Years ago my husband signed me up for an art glass class for my birthday, and I have enjoyed working with glass ever since. Eventually, I emptied out my dining room buffet of dishes in order to hold my glass supplies, and I use the dining room table to work on my art.

What goes into creating a leaded glass piece?  

I draw a pattern and cut a zinc frame. Starting in the left corner of the framework, glass is cut and ground to fit into channels of lead like a puzzle. Lead is soldered and cement is forced into the channels of the lead and zinc. Last of all patina is applied.

A glass piece is prettiest when it is placed in a window where the glass and jewels catch the sunlight.

Featured: Glass: Blue Flower (detail)
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