New Nonfiction

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004.16 PRO iPad in easy steps / Drew Provan.
070.5 CHA The nonfiction book publishing plan : the professional guide to profitable self-publishing / Stephanie Chandler and Karl W. Palachuk.
071.3 ABR Merchants of truth : the business of news and the fight for facts / Jill Abramson.
133 BAC Life with my guardian angel/ Richard Bach.
155.333 SAU Brave, not perfect : fear less, fail more, and live bolder / Reshma Saujani.
155.937 DAN It's a matter of life and death: growing up in a funeral home and what I learned since / Lawrence J. Danks.
158 HAN The warrior code : 11 principles to unleash the badass inside of you / Tee Marie Hanible with Denene Millner.
158.1 SCH Childless living : the joys and challenges of life without children / Lisette Schuitemaker.
158.7 FOS No hard feelings : the secret power of embracing emotions at work / Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy.
231.7652 WOO The fool and the heretic : how two scientists moved beyond labels to a Christian dialogue about creation and evolution / Todd Charles Wood and Darrel R. Falk.
248.48 ROB The theft of America's soul : blowing the lid off the lies that are destroying our country / Phil Robertson with Seth Haines.
261.7 HOL I think you're wrong (but I'm listening) : a guide to grace-filled political conversations / Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers.
302.30285 MCN Zucked : waking up to the Facebook catastrophe / Roger McNamee.
303.372 ROT Unjust : social justice and the unmaking of America / Noah Rothman.
304.2 BUS How to disappear : notes on invisibility in a time of transparency / Akiko Busch.
304.62 BRI Empty planet : the shock of global population decline / Darrell Bricker and John Ibbitson.
305.4 WOM Women : our story / foreword, Rebecca Boggs Roberts.
305.42 MCC The feminism book / contributors, Hannah McCann, consultant editor ; Georgie Carroll, Beverley Duguid, Kathryn Gehred, Liana Kirillova, Ann Kramer, Marian Smith Holmes, Shannon Weber ; Lucy Mangan, foreword.
305.8 MEH Brown, white, black : an American family at the intersection of race, gender, sexuality, and religion / Nishta J. Mehra.
305.9 PFA Mother winter : a memoir / Sophia Shalmiyev.
306.8743 COL Making motherhood work : how women manage careers and caregiving / Caitlyn Collins.
320.973 TOM If we can keep it : how the republic collapsed and how it might be saved / Michael Tomasky.
330.95 KHA The future is Asian : commerce, conflict, and culture in the 21st century / Parag Khanna.
331.4 LAN Maid : hard work, low pay, and a mother's will to survive / Stephanie Land ; foreword by Barbara Ehrenreich.
332.024 HES Work optional : retire early the non-penny-pinching way / Tanja Hester.
332.024 HOG Everyday millionaires : how ordinary people built extraordinary wealth -- and how you can too / Chris Hogan.
332.024 SAB Financial freedom : a proven path to all the money you will ever need / Grant Sabatier ; foreword by Vicki Robin.
332.024 SCH The dumb things smart people do with their money : thirteen ways to right your financial wrongs / Jill Schlesinger.
338.04 WIL The master plan : my journey from life in prison to a life of purpose / Chris Wilson ; with Bret Witter.
342.7308 LUX Separate : the story of Plessy v. Ferguson, and America's journey from slavery to segregation / Steve Luxenberg.
342.7308 TSA Practical equality : forging justice in a divided nation / Robert L. Tsai.
345.771 SWE Good kids, bad city : a story of race and wrongful conviction in America / Kyle Swenson.
362.293 ING Milk of paradise : a history of opium / Lucy Inglis.
362.764 COO This does not leave this house / Julie Coons.
363.1799 HIG Midnight in Chernobyl : the untold story of the world's greatest nuclear disaster / Adam Higginbotham.
371.782 CUL Parkland : birth of a movement / Dave Cullen.
371.782 CUL Parkland : birth of a movement / Dave Cullen.
371.855 ROB Fraternity : an inside look at a year of college boys becoming men / Alexandra Robbins.
551.457 RUS Rising : dispatches from the new American shore / Elizabeth Rush.
582.13 FOG The natural history of flowers / Michael Fogden & Patricia Fogden.
599.756 HUC No beast so fierce : the terrifying true story of the Champawat Tiger, the deadliest animal in history / Dane Huckelbridge.
599.769 MCL Return of the sea otter : the story of the animal that evaded extinction on the Pacific Coast / Todd McLeish.
613 GET Abundant health in a toxic world/ by David J. Getoff CCN, CTN, FAAIM.
613.2 ROB 31-day food revolution : heal your body, feel great, and transform your world / Ocean Robbins ; foreword by Joel Fuhrman, MD.
613.25 CHR The metabolism reset diet : repair your liver, stop storing fat, and lose weight naturally / by Alan Christianson, NMD.
613.283 MAN Complete keto : a guide to transforming your body and your mind for life / Drew Manning.
615.321 SNY The essential oils hormone solution : reclaim your energy and focus and lose weight naturally / Dr. Mariza Snyder.
616.77 HAG How to be loved : a memoir of lifesaving friendship / Eva Hagberg Fisher.
616.89 NES Good reasons for bad feelings : insights from the frontier of evolutionary psychiatry / Randolph M. Nesse, MD.
616.898 WAN The collected schizophrenias : essays / Esmé Weijun Wang.
616.9246 DAV How to fix Lyme disease : 3 secrets to improve any Lyme disease treatment / by Dr. Jay Davidson.
629.228 EDG Modifying the aerodynamics of your road car: Step-by-step instructions to improve the aerodynamics of road cars/ Julian Edgar.
641.42 ELL Cornersmith : salads & pickles: vegetables with more taste & less waste / Alex Elliott-Howery & Sabine Spindler ; [photography Alan Benson]
641.5 WOO Cooking for friends / David Wood ; photographs by Gillean Proctor.
641.54 BIT Dinner for everyone : 100 iconic dishes made 3 ways-- easy, vegan, or perfect for company / Mark Bittman ; photographs by Aya Brackett.
641.552 DIC Secrets of great second meals : flexible modern recipes that value time and limit waste / Sara Dickerman ; photographs by Sarah Flotard.
641.555 RHE Damn delicious meal prep : 115 easy recipes for low-calorie, high-energy living / Chungah Rhee.
641.5636 REI The ultimate age-defying plan : the plant-based way to stay mentally sharp and physically fit / Mark Reinfeld & Ashley Boudet, ND, with Michael Klaper, MD.
641.5638 BEL Low carb express : cut the carbs with 130 deliciously healthy recipes / Annie Bell ; photography by Con Poulos.
641.59597 NGU Vietnamese food any day : simple recipes for true, fresh flavors / Andrea Nguyen ; photographs by Aubrie Pick.
641.5963 GEB Ethiopia : recipes and traditions from the horn of Africa / by Yohanis Gebreysus with Jeff Koehler.
641.8652 LUD Sister Pie : the recipes & stories of a big-hearted bakery in Detroit / Lisa Ludwinski ; photographs, E.E. Berger.
650.1 GAR The genius habit : how one habit can radically change your work and your life / Laura Garnett.
658.11 GUI Side hustle : from idea to income in 27 days / Chris Guillebeau.
658.4063 HLU Humane capital : how to create a management shift to transform performance and profit / Vlatka Hlupic.
745.5 DAV Craftfulness : mend yourself by making things / Rosemary Davidson and Arzu Tahsin.
745.5942 BEA Bead stitching handbook.
751.426 CHE Paint pouring : mastering fluid art / by Rick Cheadle.
781.66 KAU Metaphysical graffiti : rock 'n' roll and the meaning of life / Seth Kaufman.
781.66092 TRI Go ahead in the rain : notes to A Tribe Called Quest / Hanif Abdurraqib.
781.66092 WUT Chamber music : Wu-Tang and America (in 36 pieces) / Will Ashon.
782.42166 EDG Walk this way : Run-DMC, Aerosmith, and the song that changed American music forever / Geoff Edgers.
791.437 DYE Broadsword calling Danny Boy : watching "Where eagles dare" / Geoff Dyer.
791.437 MAR The definitive guide to horror movies / James Marriott & Kim Newman.
791.437 STR The wild bunch : Sam Peckinpah, a revolution in Hollywood, and the making of a legendary film / W.K. Stratton.
808.02 BOR The idea : the seven elements of a viable story for screen, stage, or fiction / Erik Bork.
808.02 WAR The writer's practice : building confidence in your nonfiction writing / John Warner.
910.4 SEV Off the rails : a train trip through life / Beppe Severgnini ; translated by Antony Shugaar.
940.544 WIL Men of air : the courage and sacrifice of Bomber Command in World War II / Kevin Wilson.
940.548673 VEA Rising son : a US soldier's secret and heroic role in World War II / Sandra Vea.
942.052 BOR Henry VIII and the men who made him / Tracy Borman.
951.9042 KIM The interrogation rooms of the Korean War : the untold history / Monica Kim.
956.91 AHM The pianist from Syria : a memoir / Aeham Ahmad, as told to Sandra Hetzl and Ariel Hauptmeier ; translated by Emanuel Bergmann.
973.0468 GIB El Norte : the epic and forgotten story of Hispanic North America / Carrie Gibson.
973.933 BON Spygate : the attempted sabotage of Donald J. Trump / Dan Bongino and D. C. McAllister with Matt Palumbo.
977.289 BUT Shortest way home : one mayor's challenge and a model for America's future / Pete Buttigieg.
978.02 CLA Wild Bill : the true story of the American frontier's first gunfighter / Tom Clavin.
BIOGRAPHY GRAHAME, K. The man in the willows : the life of Kenneth Grahame / Matthew Dennison.
BIOGRAPHY SHAPIRO, D. Inheritance : a memoir of genealogy, paternity, and love / Dani Shapiro.
BIOGRAPHY SINISE, G. Grateful American : a journey from self to service / Gary Sinise with Marcus Brotherton.
BIOGRAPHY YIP-WILLIAMS, J. The unwinding of the miracle : a memoir of life, death, and everything that comes after / Julie Yip-Williams.
ESSAYS HOPPER, B.E. Hard to love : essays and confessions / Briallen Hopper.
ESSAYS MORRISON, T. The source of self-regard : selected essays, speeches, and meditations / Toni Morrison.
POETRY BUKOWSKI, C. On drinking / Charles Bukowski ; edited by Abel Debritto.
POETRY PARKER, M. Magical negro : poems / Morgan Parker.