New Nonfiction

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001.4226 PAG The model thinker : what you need to know to make data work for you / Scott E. Page.
004.165 IMAC iMac / by Mark L. Chambers.
004.165 IPHONE iPhone / by Edward C. Baig, USA Today Personal Tech columnist and Bob LeVitus, Houston Chronicle "Dr. Mac" columnist.
005.133 JAVA Core Java. Volume 1, Fundamentals / Cay S. Horstmann.
005.133 PYTHON Impractical Python projects : playful programming activities to make you smarter / Lee Vaughan.
005.432 LINUX Linux in easy steps / Mike McGrath.
005.5 OFFICE 2019 Office 2019 all-in-one / by Peter Weverka.
005.54 EXCEL Excel VBA programming for dummies / by Michael Alexander and John Walkenbach.
005.7565 ACCESS 2019 Access 2019 for dummies / by Laurie Ann Ulrich and Ken Cook.
070.4333 HIL In extremis : the life and death of the war correspondent Marie Colvin / Lindsey Hilsum.
155.333 HAR Fed up : emotional labor, women, and the way forward / Gemma Hartley.
155.7 HIP The social leap : the new evolutionary science of who we are, where we come from, and what makes us happy / William von Hippel.
158.12 CHI Chicken soup for the soul : the wonder of Christmas : 101 stories about the joy of the season / Amy Newmark.
158.12 CIV Life lessons : everything you ever wished you had learned in kindergarten / by Donnalynn Civello.
158.12 DEL The monkey is the messenger : meditation and what your busy mind is trying to tell you / Ralph De la Rosa ; foreword by Susan Piver.
211.8 SMI Atheist overreach : what atheism can't deliver / Christian Smith.
230.092 CON Said I wasn't gonna tell nobody : the making of a Black theologian / James H. Cone.
242.335 RUS Godwink Christmas stories : discover the most wondrous gifts of the season / SQuire Rushnell, Louise Duart ; illustrations by Gail Foerster.
248.4 KAR Bathed in prayer / Jan Karon.
248.4 PAG Why religion? : a personal story / Elaine Pagels.
248.8 TER It's not supposed to be this way : finding unexpected strength when disappointments leave you shattered / Lysa TerKeurst.
261.8357 KEE Scripture, ethics, and the possibility of same-sex relationships / Karen R. Keen.
294.35 BST A call for revolution : a vision for the future / written by Sofia Stril-Rever from private conversations with His Holiness ; English translation by Georgia de Chamberet & Natasha Lehrer.
294.5 THA Why I am a Hindu / Shashi Tharoor.
297.211 MIL God in the Qur'an / Jack Miles.
305.26 FRE How to live forever : the enduring power of connecting the generations / Marc Freedman.
305.42 TIN Beyoncé in formation : remixing black feminism / Omise'eke Natasha Tinsley.
306.8743 BRO Shadow daughter : a memoir of estrangement / by Harriet Brown.
306.8743 WES Forget "having it all" : how America messed up motherhood--and how to fix it / by Amy Westervelt.
324.973 ABR Proof of collusion : how Trump betrayed America / Seth Abramson.
328.73 CON Official congressional directory 2017-2018 : 115th congress : convened January 3, 2017.
328.73 SCA Back in the game : one gunman, countless heroes, and the fight for my life / Steve Scalise ; with Jeffrey E. Stern.
330 RAM The global economy as you've never seen it / Thomas Ramge and Jan Schwochow with Adrian Garcia-Landa ; translation by Jonathan Green.
332.024 CAG Budgeting 101 : from getting out of debt and tracking expenses to setting financial goals and building your savings, your essential guide to budgeting / Michele Cagan, CPA.
335 GHO Why women have better sex under socialism : and other arguments for economic independence / Kristen R. Ghodsee.
338.76292 MCK Insane mode : how Elon Musk's Tesla sparked an electric revolution to end the age of oil / Hamish McKenzie.
342.062 GER Impeachment : what everyone needs to know / Michael J. Gerhardt.
342.062 PRI How to get rid of a president : history's guide to removing unpopular, unable, or unfit chief executives / David Priess.
342.73 CHE We the people : a progressive reading of the constitution for the twenty-first century / Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean and Jesse H. Choper Distinguished Professor of Law, University of California, Berkeley School of Law.
352.63 LEW Trump's enemies : how the deep state is undermining the presidency / Corey R. Lewandowski and David N. Bossie.
355.033 GOR Why we fight : defeating America's enemies--with no apologies / Sebastian Gorka.
362.29 MCG American overdose : the opioid tragedy in three acts / Chris McGreal.
364.1092 SER Handsome Johnny : the life and death of Johnny Rosselli : gentleman gangster, Hollywood producer, CIA assassin / Lee Server.
364.1323 MON Kickback : exposing the global corporate bribery network / David Montero.
378.73 MAC The diversity delusion : how race and gender pandering corrupt the university and undermine our culture / Heather Mac Donald.
428.1 ELS How to tell fate from destiny : and other skillful word distinctions / by Charles Harrington Elster.
500 BEN How to speak science : gravity, relativity, and other ideas that were crazy until proven brilliant / Bruce Benamran ; translated by Stephanie Delozier Strobel.
523.1 KLE How to love the universe : a scientist's odes to the hidden beauty behind the visible world / Stefan Klein.
523.1 SUT Your place in the universe : understanding our big, messy existence / by Paul M. Sutter.
567.9 SAX Dinomania : why we love, fear and are utterly enchanted by dinosaurs / Boria Sax.
570 DUN Never home alone : from microbes to millipedes, camel crickets, and honeybees, the natural history of where we live / Rob Dunn.
572.8 RAM Gene machine : the race to decipher the secrets of the ribosome / Venki Ramakrishnan.
576.839 WAL Out there : a scientific guide to alien life, antimatter, and human space travel (for the cosmically curious) / Michael Wall, PhD (senior writer,
577.789 BRA Coral whisperers : scientists on the brink / Irus Braverman.
591.75 VAN The way of coyote : shared journeys in the urban wilds / Gavin Van Horn.
612.821 ROB Why we dream : the transformative power of our nightly journey / Alice Robb.
613 WIL Medical medium liver rescue : answers to eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, strep, acne, gout, bloating, gallstones, adrenal stress, fatigue, fatty liver, weight issues, SIBO & autoimmune disease / Anthony William.
616.3623 ALI Understanding hepatitis : an introduction for patients and caregivers / Naheed Ali.
616.8 SIM Brain health as you age : a practical guide to maintenance and prevention / Steven P. Simmons, William E. Mansbach, Jodi L. Lyons.
616.831 AMO H.O.P.E for the Alzheimer's journey  : help, organization, preparation, and education for the road ahead / Carol B. Amos.
616.863 BRO Natural therapies for overcoming opioid dependency : control pain and recover from addiction with Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbs, nutritional supplements & meditation and lifestyle practices / by Catherine Browne.
618.2 BOL Essential oils for childbirth : using aromatherapy to reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, and lessen pain with any birth plan / Michaela Boldy, RN.
629.222 SCH No one at the wheel : driverless cars and the road of the future / Samuel I. Schwartz with Karen Kelly.
635.9 BLO Creating sanctuary : sacred garden spaces, plant-based medicine, and daily practices to achieve happiness and well-being / by Jessi Bloom ; with photos by Shawn Linehan.
636.182 WIN Smart ass : how a donkey challenged me to accept his true nature and rediscover my own / Margaret Winslow.
641.5 ALT The best comfort food on the planet / Kerry Altiero, chef/owner of Cafe Miranda in Rockland, Maine, with Katherine Gaudet ; photographs by Stacey Cramp.
641.5 ANG Kindness & salt : recipes for the care and feeding of your friends and neighbors / Ryan Angulo, Doug Crowell ; photographs by Liz Barclay ; illustrations by Owen Brozman.
641.5 CHE The fat kitchen : how to render, cure & cook with lard, tallow & poultry fat / Andrea Chesman.
641.5 ELS Extra helping : recipes for caring, connectng & building community one dish at a time / Janet Reich Elsbach ; papercuts by Anna Brones.
641.5 HEA Healthy, happy, homemade meals.
641.52 BAS Brunch life : comfort classics and more for the best meal of the day / Matt Basile and Kyla Zanardi.
641.563 BOK The low-oxalate anti-inflammatory cookbook : 75 gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, yeast-free, low-sugar recipes to help you stress less and feel better / Cindy Bokma.
641.5638 NEW Southern keto : 100+ traditional food favorites for a low-carb lifestyle / Natasha Newton.
641.5638 SIS The keto reset diet cookbook : 150 low-carb, high-fat ketogenic recipes to boost weight loss / Mark Sisson with Lindsay Taylor, Ph.D.
641.587 JOH Lose weight with your Instant Pot : 60 easy one-pot recipes for fast weight loss / Audrey Johns.
641.5945 TAS Tasting Italy : a culinary journey / foreword by Jack Bishop ; essays by Eugenia Bone and Julia Della Croce ; recipes by American's Test Kitchen.
641.59599 PON I am a Filipino : and this is how we cook / Nicole Ponseca and Miguel Trinidad ; with Rachel Wharton ; foreword by Jose Antonio Vargas ; photographs by Justin Walker.
641.5971 MCM Joe Beef : surviving the apocalypse : another cookbook of sorts / Frédéric Morin, David McMillan, and Meredith Erickson ; photographs by Jennifer May.
641.5975 MUR Grits : a cultural and culinary journey through the South / Erin Byers Murray.
641.66 RIN The MeatEater game and fish cookbook : recipes and techniques for every hunter and angler / by Steven Rinella.
641.822 GAV Ramen otaku : mastering ramen at home / Sarah Gavigan with Ann Volkwein.
641.86 PAS Pastry school : 100 step-by-step recipes / Le Cordon Bleu ; photographs by Olivier Ploton.
641.875 WHI Healthy quick & easy smoothies / Dana Angelo White, MS, RD, ATC.
650.1 CLO Checking in : hospitality-driven thinking, business, and you / Stephen J. Cloobeck ; foreword by Mike Milken.
650.13 WIC Taking the work out of networking : an introvert's guide to making connections that count / Karen Wickre.
658.022 TYS Small business / by Eric Tyson and Jim Schell.
658.4092 AXE The disruptors : 50 people who changed the world / Alan Axelrod.
658.4092 HAY The hero factor : how great leaders transform organizations and create winning cultures / by Jeffrey W. Hayzlett with Jim Eber.
658.4092 SCH Back to human : how great leaders create connection in the age of isolation / Dan Schawbel.
658.812 SCH Make some noise : the unconventional road to dominance / Ken Schmidt.
658.827 PIL The post-truth business : how to rebuild brand authenticity in a distrusting world / Sean Pillot de Chenecey.
709.04 DAR Josef Albers : life and work / Charles Darwent.
709.04 ESP The art of looking : how to read modern and contemporary art / Lance Esplund.
709.2 LAU Little dancer aged fourteen : the true story behind Degas's masterpiece / Camille Laurens ; translated from the French by Willard Wood.
745.59412 LAF How to make your own ugly Christmas sweaters : 20 fun & easy holiday projects to craft and create / Nicolette Lafonseca.
745.5942 DRI Metal jewelry workshop : essential tools, easy-to-learn techniques, and 12 projects for the beginning jewelry artist / Helen I. Driggs.
745.926 DOW Wreaths : with how-to tutorials / Laura Dowling.
746.44 NIC Big embroidery : 20 crewel embroidery designs to stitch with wool / Nancy Nicholson.
781.66 KIN Appetite for definition: an A-Z guide to rock genres / Ian King.
781.66092 HEN Hendrix : the ultimate illustrated history / by Gillian G. Gaar, with Dave Hunter, Harvey Kubernik, Chris Salewicz, Jaan Uhelszki.
782.42162 JAR Wasn't that a time : the Weavers, the blacklist, and the battle for the soul of America / Jesse Jarnow.
786.7 STU Future sounds : the story of electronic music from Stockhausen to Skrillex / David Stubbs.
791.43 LON Seduction : sex, lies, and stardom in Howard Hughes's Hollywood / Karina Longworth.
791.457 DEE The women who lived : amazing tales for future Time Lords / Christel Dee & Simon Guerrier.
791.457 FRI The Jeopardy! book of answers / [Harry Friedman & Barry Garron].
792.8 BAL Ballet : the definitive illustrated story.
796.332 FEI Quarterback : inside the most important position in the National Football League / John Feinstein.
796.332 GLA Guts and genius : the story of three unlikely coaches who came to dominate the NFL in the '80s / Bob Glauber.
796.334 WIL The Barcelona inheritance : the evolution of winning soccer tactics from Cruyff to Guardiola / Jonathan Wilson.
796.342 HOL Björn Borg and the super-Swedes : Stefan Edberg, Mats Wilander, and the golden era of tennis / Mats Holm and Ulf Roosvald ; translated by Cecilia Palmcrantz.
796.357 STO The story of baseball in 100 photographs.
796.962 MCI The down goes brown history of the NHL : the world's most beautiful sport, the world's most ridiculous league / Sean McIndoe.
910.202 KUG Rediscovering travel : a guide for the globally curious / Seth Kugel.
914.11 MOF The hidden ways / Alistair Moffat.
914.58 KEA Sicilian splendors : discovering the secret places that speak to the heart / John Keahey.
929.1 BET The family tree guide to DNA testing and genetic genealogy / Blaine T. Bettinger.
932 NAU Searching for the lost tombs of Egypt / Chris Naunton.
940.53 GRO The allies : Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, and the unlikely alliance that won World War II / Winston Groom.
940.5425 SCO Rampage : MacArthur, Yamashita, and the battle of Manila / James M. Scott.
940.544973 GAM Kangaroo squadron : American courage in the darkest days of World War II / Bruce Gamble.
941.055 GOO How to behave badly in Elizabethan England : a guide for knaves, fools, harlots, cuckolds, drunkards, liars, thieves, and braggarts / Ruth Goodman.
944.3663 JON Versailles / Colin Jones.
947.086 WOO Russia without Putin : money, power and the myths of the new Cold War / Tony Wood.
956.94 HOY The Oxford Illustrated history of the Holy Land / edited by Robert G. Hoyland, H.G.M. Williamson.
973.33 PHI In the hurricane's eye : the genius of George Washington and the victory at Yorktown / Nathaniel Philbrick.
973.8 MIL Bringing down the Colonel : a sex scandal of the Gilded Age, and the "powerless" woman who took on Washington / Patricia Miller.
973.933 SAN Where we go from here : two years in the resistance / Bernie Sanders.
BIOGRAPHY JOHNSON, P. The man in the glass house : Philip Johnson, architect of the modern century / Mark Lamster.
BIOGRAPHY OBAMA, M. Becoming / Michelle Obama.
BIOGRAPHY REAGAN, R. Ronald Reagan : an intellectual biography / David T. Byrne.
BIOGRAPHY TWEEDY, J. Let's go (so we can get back) : a memoir of recording and discording with Wilco, etc. / Jeff Tweedy.
BIOGRAPHY WIESEL, E. Witness : lessons from Elie Wiesel's classroom / Ariel Burger.
ESSAYS FRANZEN, J. The end of the end of the earth : essays / Jonathan Franzen.
ESSAYS GAIMAN, N. Art matters : because your imagination can change the world / Neil Gaiman ; illustrated by Chris Riddell.
ESSAYS MCPHEE, J. The patch / John McPhee.
ESSAYS SISCHY, I. Nothing is lost : selected essays of Ingrid Sischy / edited by Sandra Brant.
HUMOR GEARY, J. Wit's end : what wit is, how it works, and why we need it / James Geary.
LARGE TYPE 973.5 BRA Heirs of the founders : the epic rivalry of Henry Clay, John Calhoun and Daniel Webster, the second generation of American giants / H.W. Brands.
LARGE TYPE 974 FOX Northland : a 4,000-mile journey along America's forgotten border / by Porter Fox.
LARGE TYPE BIOGRAPHY OBAMA, M. Becoming / Michelle Obama.
POETRY LAUTERBACH, A. Spell / Ann Lauterbach.
POETRY ZAGAJEWKI, A. Asymmetry : poems / Adam Zagajewski ; translated from the Polish by Clare Cavanagh.