New Nonfiction

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004.6782 WIL CompTIA cloud+ certification study guide, (exam CV0-002) / Scott Wilson, Eric Vanderburg.
005.446 WINDOWS 10 Windows 10 for seniors / by Peter Weverka.
023.9 MCN Fundamentals of Library Supervision / Beth McNeil.
025.52 SCH Helping Patrons Find Their Roots : A Genealogy Handbook for Librarians / Janice Lindgren Schultz.
070.92 HER Reporter : a memoir / Seymour M. Hersh.
153.85 ABL Changeable : how collaborative problem solving changes lives at home, at school, and at work / J. Stuart Ablon, PhD.
158 HEM How psychology works : applied psychology visually explained / consultant editor, Jo Hemmings.
158.1 ITZ Living with the monks : what turning off my phone taught me about happiness, gratitude, and focus / Jesse Itzler.
158.1 KIN Note to Self : Inspiring Words from Inspiring People
231.4 WIL In His image : 10 ways God calls us to reflect his character / Jen Wilkin.
282.092 ROL An explorer's guide to Julian of Norwich / Veronica Mary Rolf.
305.8 DYS What truth sounds like : Robert F. Kennedy, James Baldwin, and our unfinished conversation about race in America / Michael Eric Dyson.
306.0973 BRI Tailspin : the people and forces behind America's fifty-year fall--and those fighting to reverse it / Steven Brill.
306.3 ZUC Pick three : you can have it all (just not every day) / Randi Zuckerberg.
306.768 STE Unbound : transgender men and the remaking of identity / Arlene Stein.
306.9 EHR Natural causes : an epidemic of wellness, the certainty of dying, and killing ourselves to live longer / Barbara Ehrenreich.
321.8 RUC How democracy ends / David Runciman.
322.42 STA Black Klansman : race, hate, and the undercover investigation of a lifetime / Ron Stallworth.
323.092 WEX Killing King : racial terrorists, James Earl Ray, and the plot to assassinate Martin Luther King Jr. / Stuart Wexler and Larry Hancock.
324.973 ZIT The great revolt : inside the populist coalition reshaping American politics / Salena Zito and Brad Todd.
327.1273 CLA Facts and fears : hard truths from a life in intelligence / James R. Clapper with Trey Brown.
327.1273 CLA Facts and fears : hard truths from a life in intelligence / James R. Clapper with Trey Brown.
327.1273 HAY Assault on intelligence : American national security in an age of lies / Michael V. Hayden.
327.73 FAR War on peace : the end of diplomacy and the decline of American influence / Ronan Farrow.
332.1 AKU Micro-meltdown : the inside story of the rise, fall, and resurgence of the world's most valuable micro-lender / Vikram Akula.
342.73 TAR The lives of the constitution : ten exceptional minds that shaped America's supreme law / Joseph Tartakovsky.
355.02 WAT Messing with the enemy : surviving in a social media world of hackers, terrorists, Russians, and fake news / Clint Watts.
363.25 COM A higher loyalty : truth, lies, and leadership / James Comey.
363.25 COM A higher loyalty : truth, lies, and leadership / James Comey.
363.25 COM A higher loyalty : truth, lies, and leadership / James Comey.
363.25 COM A higher loyalty : truth, lies, and leadership / James Comey.
364.1523 FIE Tinderbox : the untold story of the Up Stairs Lounge fire and the rise of gay liberation / Robert W. Fieseler.
364.1523 PAT The trigger : narratives of the American shooter / Daniel J. Patinkin.
551.48 STA Still waters : the secret world of lakes / Curt Stager.
610 LIT Mayo Clinic family health book / Scott C. Litin, M.D., medical editor ; Sanjeev Nanda, M.D., associate medical editor.
612 FRA Shapeshifters : a journey through the changing human body / Gavin Francis.
613.25 JAM Archetype diet : reclaim your self-worth and change the shape of your body / Dana James MS, CNS, CDN.
613.7046 POH Yoga fitness for men : build strength, improve performance, increase flexibility / Dean Pohlman.
615.321 TRI Turmeric for your health : nature's most powerful anti-inflammatory / Larry Trivieri, Jr.
636.8 RAU DIY projects for cats and dogs : 20 easy-to-build creations for your best friend / Armelle Rau & Pierre Legrix.
641.42 CAN Brewing eclectic IPA : pushing the boundaries of India pale ale / by Dick Cantwell.
641.53 WAL A literary tea party : blends and treats for Alice, Bilbo, Dorothy, Jo, and book lovers everywhere / Alison Walsh ; introduction by Sara Letourneau.
641.555 MIL Prep-ahead breakfasts & lunches : 75 no-fuss recipes to save you time & money / Alea Milham.
641.563 SMI The Whole Smiths good food cookbook : delicious real food recipes to cook all year long / Michelle Smith.
641.578 HAN The campout cookbook : inspired recipes for cooking around the fire and under the stars / Marnie Hanel & Jen Stevenson ; illustrations by Emily Isabella.
641.5945 HEL Eating my way through Italy : heading off the main roads to discover the hidden treasures of the Italian table / Elizabeth Minchilli.
641.5946 VID Boqueria : a cookbook, from Barcelona to New York / Marc Vidal & Yann de Rochefort with Zack Bezunartea.
641.5954 PAT Dosa kitchen : recipes for India's favorite street food / Nash Patel and Leda Scheintaub ; photographs by Kristin Teig.
641.5956 COH Tahini and turmeric : 101 Middle Eastern classics-made irresistibly vegan / Vicky Cohen and Ruth Fox.
641.874 BAU The new rum : a modern guide to the spirit of the Americas / Bryce T. Bauer.
641.874 LAP Cocktails across America : a postcard view of cocktail culture in the 1930s, '40s, and '50s / by Diane Lapis and Anne Peck-Davis ; foreword by Douglass Miller.
649.1 TUR Now say this : the right words to solve every parenting dilemma / Heather Turgeon, MFT, and Julie Wright, MFT.
658.4022 SNO Dream teams : working together without falling apart / Shane Snow.
658.4092 CRA Leading from purpose / Nick Craig ; foreword by Brené Brown.
658.45 GAL Five stars : the communication secrets to get from good to great / Carmine Gallo.
659.1 AUL Frenemies : the epic disruption of the ad business (and everything else) / Ken Auletta.
709.73 DSO Whitewalling : art, race & protest in 3 acts / Aruna D'Souza ; artwork by Parker Bright & Pastiche Lumumba.
759.13 SAR Sargent : the masterworks / Stephanie L. Herdrich.
770.92 WEE Flash : the making of Weegee the Famous / Christopher Bonanos.
781.62 KIN Lament from Epirus : an odyssey into Europe's oldest surviving folk music / Christopher C. King.
781.66 HEL Strange stars : David Bowie, pop music, and the decade sci-fi exploded / Jason Heller.
787.644 WOO Working for the man, playing in the band / Damon Wood, Phil Carson.
791.43 DEF Must-see sci-fi : 50 movies that are out of this world / Sloan De Forest ; foreword by Roger Corman.
791.437 AVE Avengers, infinity war : the official movie special.
791.457 BEC Become an American ninja warrior : the ultimate insider's guide / the experts and competitors of American Ninja warrior.
794.8 HIS A history of video games in 64 objects / World Video Game Hall of Fame.
796.334 WES I believe that we will win : the path to a US men's World Cup victory / Phil West.
796.357 WEI Brothers in arms : Koufax, Kershaw, and the Dodgers' extraordinary pitching tradition / Jon Weisman.
796.62 DEV The comeback : Greg LeMond, the true king of American cycling, and a legendary Tour de France / Daniel de Visé.
813.09 BAS The traveling feast : on the road and at the table with my heroes / Rick Bass.
813.09 HEM Autumn in Venice : Ernest Hemingway and his last muse / Andrea Di Robilant.
910.4 ROS Alone time : four seasons, four cities, and the pleasures of solitude / Stephanie Rosenbloom.
910.452 MEA The shipwreck hunter : a lifetime of extraordinary discoveries on the ocean floor / David L. Mearns.
929.1 HEN Unofficial guide to : how to find your family history on the #1 genealogy website / Nancy Hendrickson.
938 BIL Before & after Alexander : the legend and legacy of Alexander the Great / Richard A. Billows.
941.081 REN Those wild Wyndhams : three sisters at the heart of power / by Claudia Renton.
943.08 HAM Young Hitler : the making of the Führer / Paul Ham.
951.93 JEP See you again in Pyongyang : a journey into Kim Jong Un's North Korea / Travis Jeppesen.
959.7043 JEN 19 minutes to live - : helicopter combat in Vietnam / a memoir by Lew Jennings ; edited by Anneke Jennings.
973 MEA The soul of America : the battle for our better angels / Jon Meacham.
973.26 COS The Price of Greatness : Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and the Creation of American Oligarchy / Jay Cost.
973.7378 DIC Rising in flames : Sherman's March and the fight for a new nation / J. D. Dickey.
973.932 RHO The world as it is : a memoir of the Obama White House / Ben Rhodes.
973.933 GIN Trump's America : the truth about our nation's great comeback / Newt Gingrich.
973.933 HET Trump / Russia : a definitive history / Seth Hettena.
978.8 AUV Rough beauty : forty seasons of mountain living / Karen Auvinen.
981.1 ARN The third bank of the river : power and survival in the twenty-first-century Amazon / Chris Feliciano Arnold.
BIOGRAPHY ALINEJAD, M. The wind in my hair : my fight for freedom in modern Iran / Masih Alinejad.
BIOGRAPHY KENNEDY R.F. Robert F. Kennedy : ripples of hope : Kerry Kennedy in conversation with heads of state, business leaders, influencers, and activists about her father's impact on their lives / Kerry Kennedy.
BIOGRAPHY MOORE, D.L. No ashes in the fire : coming of age black & free in America / Darnell L. Moore.
BIOGRAPHY NAPOLEON III The shadow emperor : a biography of Napoleon III / Alan Strauss-Schom.
BIOGRAPHY RAMIS, H. Ghostbuster's daughter : life with my dad, Harold Ramis / Violet Ramis Stiel.
BIOGRAPHY SHELLEY, M. In search of Mary Shelley / Fiona Sampson.