New Fiction

Our newest books are now being added to the first floor lobby shelves on a daily basis. Come take a look!

FICTION BACKMAN, F. Us against you : a novel / Fredrik Backman ; translated by Neil Smith.
FICTION BATES, C. The memory of fire / Callie Bates.
FICTION BLUM, J. The lost family : a novel / Jenna Blum.
FICTION BROWN, D. The Moscow offensive : a novel / Dale Brown.
FICTION BROWN, H. How far she's come : a novel / Holly Brown.
FICTION BURTON, T.I. Social creature : a novel / Tara Isabella Burton.
FICTION CARBO, C. A sharp solitude : a novel of suspense / Christine Carbo.
FICTION CELT, A. Invitation to a bonfire : a novel / Adrienne Celt.
FICTION CLINTON, B. The president is missing : a novel / Bill Clinton, James Patterson.
FICTION COLGAN, J. The endless beach : a novel / Jenny Colgan.
FICTION CUSK, R. Kudos / Rachel Cusk.
FICTION CUSSLER, C. The gray ghost : a Sam and Remi Fargo adventure / Clive Cussler and Robin Burcell.
FICTION DAILEY, J. My kind of Christmas / Janet Dailey.
FICTION DALLAS, S. The patchwork bride / Sandra Dallas.
FICTION DEWITT, H. Some trick : thirteen stories / Helen DeWitt.
FICTION EVANS, R.P. The forgotten road / Richard Paul Evans.
FICTION FALKOFF, M. Questions I want to ask you / Michelle Falkoff.
FICTION FAYE, G. Small country : a novel / Gaël Faye ; translated from the French by Sarah Ardizzone.
FICTION FEEHAN, C. Shadow keeper / Christine Feehan.
FICTION FRANCIS, W. The summer sail / Wendy Francis.
FICTION GABLE, M. The summer I met Jack / Michelle Gable.
FICTION GROFF, L. Florida / Lauren Groff.
FICTION HANSEN, M. They come in all colors : a novel / Malcolm Hansen.
FICTION HUMMEL, M. Still lives : a novel / Maria Hummel.
FICTION JAMES, E. Too Wilde to wed / Eloisa James.
FICTION JOHNSON, C. Treeborne / Caleb Johnson.
FICTION KINGBURY, K. To the moon and back : a novel / Karen Kingsbury.
FICTION KOSLOW, S. Another side of paradise : a novel / Sally Koslow.
FICTION LOREN, R. The one you can't forget / Roni Loren.
FICTION LYE, H.A. The honey farm : a novel / Harriet Alida Lye.
FICTION MACMANUS, J. Ike and Kay / James MacManus.
FICTION MARTIN, C. Send down the rain / Charles Martin.
FICTION MILLET, L. Fight no more : stories / Lydia Millet.
FICTION MORROW, B.C. Mem : a novel / Bethany C. Morrow.
FICTION OATES, J.C. Night-gaunts and other tales of suspense / Joyce Carol Oates.
FICTION ORANGE, T. There there : a novel / Tommy Orange.
FICTION PEARSON, A. How hard can it be? / Allison Pearson.
FICTION PEKKANEN, S. The ever after : a novel / Sarah Pekkanen.
FICTION PITTARD, H. Visible empire / Hannah Pittard.
FICTION SHEPHERD, P. The book of M / Peng Shepherd.
FICTION THOMSON, R. Never anyone but you / Rupert Thomson.
FICTION VILLAREAL, R.A. A people's history of the vampire uprising : a novel / by Raymond A. Villareal.
FICTION WEISBERGER, L. When life gives you lululemons : a novel / Lauren Weisberger.
FICTION WHITE, N. Sweet and low : stories / Nick White.
FICTION WOOD, J. Upstate / James Wood.
FICTION WOODS, S. Turbulence / Stuart Woods.
MYSTERY GENTILL, D. Gentlemen formerly dressed : a Rowland Sinclair mystery / Sulari Gentill.
MYSTERY HAOHUI, Z. Death notice : a novel / Zhou Haohui ; translated by Zac Haluza.
MYSTERY HIRSCH, P. The devil's half mile / Paddy Hirsch.
MYSTERY KIES, T. Darkness Lane : a Geneva Chase mystery / Thomas Kies.
SF/F BUTCHER, J. Brief cases : more stories from the Dresden files / Jim Butcher.
SF/F BUTCHER, J. Brief cases : more stories from the Dresden files / Jim Butcher.
SF/F LACKEY, M. The hills have spies / Mercedes Lackey.
SF/F ROMANO-LAX, A. Plum rains / Andromeda Romano-Lax.
TEEN FICTION ALTEBRANDO, T. The opposite of here / by Tara Altebrando.
TEEN FICTION BANNEN, M. The bird and the blade / Megan Bannen.
TEEN FICTION CRIBBS, G. The disappearance of Sloane Sullivan / Gia Cribbs.
TEEN FICTION EGLINGTON, T. Kissing games : a novel / Tara Eglington.
TEEN FICTION FRIEND, N. How we roll / by Natasha Friend.
TEEN FICTION HOWARD, G. Social intercourse / Greg Howard.
TEEN FICTION KISNER, A. Dear Rachel Maddow : a novel / Adrienne Kisner.
TEEN FICTION LEON, K. Summer of salt / Katrina Leno.
TEEN FICTION NORTON, P. Neanderthal opens the door to the universe / Preston Norton.
TEEN FICTION PESSL, M. Neverworld wake / Marisha Pessl.
TEEN FICTION RISSI, A.M. Always forever maybe / Anica Mrose Rissi.
TEEN FICTION SAGE, E. Jacked up / Erica Sage.
TEEN FICTION SINEL, N. Soulstruck / Natasha Sinel.
TEEN FICTION STOKES, M.E. Fadeaway / Maura Ellen Stokes.
TEEN FICTION TOLCSER, S. Whisper of the tide : a song of the current novel / by Sarah Tolcser.