New Fiction

Our newest books are now being added to the first-floor lobby shelves on a daily basis. Come take a look!

FICTION AARONOVITCH, B. Lies sleeping / Ben Aaronovitch.
FICTION ADAMCZYK, L. Hardly children : stories / Laura Adamczyk.
FICTION AKERS, Z. Limetown : a novel / created by Zack Akers and Skip Bronkie with Cote Smith.
FICTION BALOGH, M. Someone to trust : a Westcott novel / Mary Balogh.
FICTION BERG, E. Night of miracles : a novel / Elizabeth Berg.
FICTION BRADFORD, B.T. Master of his fate / Barbara Taylor Bradford.
FICTION BRAITHWAITE, O. My sister, the serial killer : a novel / Oyinkan Braithwaite.
FICTION BURNS, A. Milkman : a novel / Anna Burns.
FICTION BURSTEIN, D. Muck / Dror Burstein ; translated from the Hebrew by Gabriel Levin.
FICTION CAMERON, M. Tom Clancy Oath of Office / Marc Cameron.
FICTION CARTER, C. The perfect catch / Cassidy Carter.
FICTION CHILD, L. Past tense : a Jack Reacher novel / Lee Child.
FICTION CHILD, L. Past tense : a Jack Reacher novel / Lee Child.
FICTION CHILD, L. Past tense : a Jack Reacher novel / Lee Child.
FICTION CLIPSTON, A. A seat by the hearth / Amy Clipston.
FICTION COLGAN, J. Christmas on the island : a novel / Jenny Colgan.
FICTION CONNELLY, M. Dark sacred night / Michael Connelly.
FICTION DARLING, N. Fade into you / Nikki Darling.
FICTION DONOVAN, S. Sunrise Cabin / Stacey Donovan.
FICTION DUNCAN, L. Journey back to Christmas / Leigh Duncan.
FICTION ESTLEMAN, L.D. Wild justice / Loren D. Estleman.
FICTION ETHRIDGE, K. October kiss / Kristen Ethridge.
FICTION FAULKS, S. Paris echo : a novel / Sebastian Faulks.
FICTION FISHER, K. The silent wife  / Kerry Fisher.
FICTION FOSTER, L. Driven to distraction / Lori Foster.
FICTION GRISHAM, J. The reckoning / John Grisham.
FICTION GUERRA, W. Revolution Sunday : a novel / Wendy Guerra ; translated from the Spanish by Achy Obejas.
FICTION GUILLORY, J. The proposal / Jasmine Guillory.
FICTION HARPER, K. Silent scream / Karen Harper.
FICTION HARVEY, S. The western wind / Samantha Harvey.
FICTION HAYNES, N. The children of Jocasta / Natalie Haynes.
FICTION HEDLUND, J. Together forever / Jody Hedlund.
FICTION HULSE, C. The adults : a novel / Caroline Hulse.
FICTION IRVIN, K. Tell her no lies / Kelly Irvin.
FICTION JENKINS, J.B. Dead Sea rising : a novel / Jerry B. Jenkins ; Dr. Craig Evans, biblical consultant.
FICTION JENSEN, L. The surrogate / Louise Jensen.
FICTION JHABVALA, R.P. At the end of the century : the stories of Ruth Prawer Jhabvala ; with an introduction by Anita Desai.
FICTION JONES, S. Josephine Baker's last dance : a novel / Sherry Jones.
FICTION KINGSOLVER, B. Unsheltered : a novel / Barbara Kingsolver.
FICTION KRAHN, B.M. The girl with the sweetest secret / Betina Krahn.
FICTION L'AMOUR, L. No traveller returns : a novel / Louis L'Amour and Beau L'Amour.
FICTION LOCKWOOD, C. Dater's handbook / Cara Lockwood.
FICTION MAHMOUD, L. Amreekiya : a novel / Lena Mahmoud.
FICTION MAXWELL, C. The Duke that I marry / Cathy Maxwell.
FICTION MCCARTHY, K. Wolves of Eden : a novel / Kevin McCarthy.
FICTION MOESTA, R. A Christmas to remember / Rebecca Moesta.
FICTION MORIARTY, L. Nine perfect strangers / Liane Moriarty.
FICTION NAIGLE, N. Christmas in Evergreen / Nancy Naigle.
FICTION NEMETT, A. We can save us all : a novel / Adam Nemett.
FICTION OATES, J.C. Hazards of time travel / Joyce Carol Oates.
FICTION OWENS, D. Where the crawdads sing / Delia Owens.
FICTION PARKIN, C. The winter's child / Cassandra Parkin.
FICTION PATTERSON, J. Target Alex Cross / James Patterson.
FICTION PICOULT, J. A spark of light : a novel / Jodi Picoult.
FICTION PROBST, J. A brand new ending / Jennifer Probst.
FICTION QUINN, J. The other Miss Bridgerton : a Bridgertons prequel / Julia Quinn.
FICTION RENDELL, N. Do you feel it too? / Nicola Rendell.
FICTION RIMINGTON, S. The Moscow sleepers / Stella Rimington.
FICTION ROBERTSON, R. The long take or a way to lose more slowly / Robin Robertson.
FICTION ROBOTHAM, M. The other wife / Michael Robotham.
FICTION ROSE, H. The Museum of Modern Love / Heather Rose.
FICTION ROWE, L. Misadventures on the rebound / Lauren Rowe.
FICTION ROY, A. All the lives we never lived : a novel / Anuradha Roy.
FICTION SCHULMAN, H. Come with me : a novel / Helen Schulman.
FICTION SHORT STORIES PUSHCART 2019 Pushcart prize XLIII : best of the small presses / edited by Bill Henderson with the Pushcart Prize editors.
FICTION SNELLING, L. A season of grace / Lauraine Snelling.
FICTION SPARKS, N. Every breath / Nicholas Sparks.
FICTION SPARKS, N. Every breath / Nicholas Sparks.
FICTION STANTON, A. A timeless Christmas : an enchanting time travel romance / Alexia Stanton.
FICTION STEEL, D. Beauchamp Hall : a novel / Danielle Steel.
FICTION STONER, T.L. Sugar Land / Tammy Lynne Stoner.
FICTION TRIGIANI, A. Tony's wife : a novel / Adriana Trigiani.
FICTION WELDON, F. After the peace / Fay Weldon.
FICTION WILD, M. Recall / Meredith Wild.
FICTION WILSON, J. Extinctions / Josephine Wilson.
GRAPHIC NOVEL BATMAN Batman : White Knight / Sean Murphy, writer and artist ; Matt Hollingsworth, colorist ; Todd Klein, letterer ; Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth, cover art and original series covers.
GRAPHIC NOVEL BIOGRAPHY GUEVARA, C. Che : a revolutionary life / Jon Lee Anderson and José Hernández; translated by Megan McDowell.
GRAPHIC NOVEL BIOGRAPHY KROSOCZKA, J. Hey, kiddo / by Jarrett J. Krosoczka.
GRAPHIC NOVEL HENSON Jim Henson's Labyrinth: coronation. Volume one / written by Simon Spurrier ; illustrated by Daniel Bayliss, with Irene Flores, Mattia Di Meo, Matt Smith, and Michael Dialynas ; colored by Dan Jackson ; lettered by Jim Campbell.
GRAPHIC NOVEL MOORE V for vendetta 30th anniversary deluxe edition / Alan Moore, David Lloyd ; with Steve Whitaker and Siobhan Dodds.
GRAPHIC NOVEL RECCHIONI Orphans. Volume two, Lies / created by Roberto Recchioni and Emiliano Mammucari ; story, Roberto Recchioni ; art, Emiliano Mammucari ; original lettering by Marina Sanfelice ; English translation by Elena Cecchini and Valeria Gobbato.
GRAPHIC NOVEL REGINA Adamsville. Book 1 : the unknowns / Michael Regina.
GRAPHIC NOVEL SANDOVAL Watersnakes / written and illustrated by Tony Sandoval ; translation by Lucas Marangon.
GRAPHIC NOVEL THANOS Thanos. The infinity conflict / Jim Starlin, writer ; penciler, Alan Davis ; inker, Mark Farmer ; colorist, Jim Campbell ; letterer, VC's Clayton Cowles.
GRAPHIC NOVEL X-MEN X-Men. Grand design. Second genesis / by Ed Piskor.
LARGE TYPE FICTION ATKINSON, K. Transcription / Kate Atkinson.
LARGE TYPE FICTION BENEDICT, M. The other Einstein / Marie Benedict.
LARGE TYPE FICTION BRACKSTON, P. The little shop of found things / Paula Brackston.
LARGE TYPE FICTION CAMERON, M. Tom Clancy Oath of Office / Marc Cameron.
LARGE TYPE FICTION CHAMBERLAIN, D. The dream daughter / Diane Chamberlain.
LARGE TYPE FICTION FRENCH, T. The Witch Elm : a novel / Tana French.
LARGE TYPE FICTION HOROWITZ, A. Forever and a day : a James Bond novel / Anthony Horowitz with original material by Ian Fleming.
LARGE TYPE FICTION KINGSOLVER, B. Unsheltered : a novel / Barbara Kingsolver.
LARGE TYPE FICTION MONROE, M. Remembrance / by Mary Monroe.
LARGE TYPE FICTION MORIARTY, L. Nine perfect strangers / Liane Moriarty.
LARGE TYPE FICTION PALMER, D. Wyoming legend / by Diana Palmer.
LARGE TYPE FICTION PATTERSON, J. Target Alex Cross / James Patterson.
LARGE TYPE FICTION STEEL, D. Beauchamp Hall : a novel / Danielle Steel.
LARGE TYPE FICTION STONE, J. A vineyard Christmas / by Jean Stone.
LARGE TYPE FICTION TRIGIANI, A. Tony's wife : a novel / Adriana Trigiani.
LARGE TYPE FICTION WHITE, B. A rebel heart / by Beth White.
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY HUBER, A.L. This side of murder / Anna Lee Huber.
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY HUBER, A.L. Treacherous is the night / Anna Lee Huber.
LARGE TYPE MYSTERY PARETSKY, S. Shell game / Sara Paretsky.
MANGA HORIKOSHI My hero academia. Vol. 16, Red riot / story & art, Kohei Horikoshi ; translation & English adaptation, Caleb Cook ; touch-up art & lettering, John Hunt.
MANGA ONE Mob psycho 100. Volume 1 / ONE.
MANGA TAKAYA Fruits basket another. 2 / Natsuki Takaya ; translation: Alethea and Athena Nibley ; lettering: Lys Blakeslee.
MYSTERY BARTLETT, L.L. Yule be dead / Lorraine Bartlett with Gayle Leeson.
MYSTERY BRADFORD, L. Just plain murder / Laura Bradford.
MYSTERY BROWN, R.M. Homeward hound : a novel / Rita Mae Brown ; illustrated by Lee Gildea, Jr.
MYSTERY BRUEN, K. In the Galway Silence : a Jack Taylor novel / Ken Bruen.
MYSTERY CARRASCO, K.M. The best bad things / Katrina Carrasco.
MYSTERY CHANCE, M. Naughty on ice / Maia Chance.
MYSTERY COYLE, M. Wrong light / Matt Coyle.
MYSTERY CROSBY, E. Harvest of secrets / Ellen Crosby.
MYSTERY DELANY, V. A scandal in scarlet / Vicki Delany.
MYSTERY HIGASHINO, K. Newcomer / Keigo Higashino ; translated by Giles Murray.
MYSTERY HILL, S. The comforts of home : a Chief Superintendent Simon Serrailler mystery / Susan Hill.
MYSTERY KIRSCH, L. Last call / Libby Kirsch.
MYSTERY LITTLEJOHN, E. Lost lake / Emily Littlejohn.
MYSTERY LOVEGROVE, J. Sherlock Holmes and the Sussex Sea-Devils / James Lovegrove.
MYSTERY LUPICA, M. Robert B. Parker's Blood feud / Mike Lupica.
MYSTERY LYLE, H.B. The red ribbon / H. B. Lyle.
MYSTERY PENNY, L. Kingdom of the blind / Louise Penny.
MYSTERY PENNY, L. Kingdom of the blind / Louise Penny.
MYSTERY PRESSEY, R. A passion for haunted fashion / Rose Pressey.
MYSTERY RADEMACHER, C. Deadly Camargue / Cay Rademacher ; translated from the German by Peter Millar.
MYSTERY RIPLEY, M. Mr. Campion's war / Mike Ripley.
MYSTERY THOMAS, W. Blood is blood / Will Thomas.
MYSTERY WOJTAS, O. Miss Blaine's prefect and the golden samovar / Olga Wojtas.
MYSTERY YOKOYAMA, H. Seventeen / Hideo Yokoyama ; translated from the Japanese by Louise Heal Kawai.
SF/F BEAGLE, P.S. The last unicorn : the lost journey / Peter S. Beagle ; illustrated by Stephanie Law.
SF/F BOLENDER, M. City of broken magic / Mirah Bolender.
SF/F COGMAN, G. The mortal word : an invisible library novel / Genevieve Cogman.
SF/F DYACHENKO, M. Vita nostra / by Marina and Sergey Dyachenko ; translation by Julia Meitov Hersey.
SF/F GEAR, W.M. Abandoned / W. Michael Gear.
SF/F HURLEY, K. Apocalypse Nyx / Kameron Hurley.
SF/F JEMISIN, N.K. How long 'til black future month? / N. K. Jemisin.
SF/F LOVEGROVE, J. Big damn hero / by James Lovegrove ; original story concept by Nancy Holder ; [consulting editor Joss Whedon]
SF/F MARTIN, G.R.R. Fire & blood / George R. R. Martin.
SF/F MITCHELL, J.B. The razor / J. Barton Mitchell.
SF/F SHORT STORIES WILD Texas hold'em / edited by George R.R. Martin ; assisted by Melinda M. Snodgrass ; written by David Anthony Durham, Max Gladstone, Victor Milan, Diana Rowland, Walton Simons, Caroline Spector, William F. Wu.
SF/F STIRLING, S.M. The Sky-Blue Wolves / S.M. Stirling.
SF/F TANZER, M. Creatures of want and ruin / Molly Tanzer.
SF/F WHITE, E.K. Dragonshadow / Elle Katherine White.
TEEN FICTION BRASHEAR, A. The incredible true story of the making of the Eve of destruction / Amy Brashear.
TEEN FICTION GOODMAN, A. The Dark Days deceit / Alison Goodman.
TEEN FICTION JACK, G. Your own worst enemy / Gordon Jack.
TEEN FICTION LIPPINCOTT, R. Five feet apart / Rachael Lippincott ; with Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis.
TEEN FICTION LYONS, C.J. The color of lies / CJ Lyons.
TEEN FICTION REILLY, K.J. Words we don't say / K.J. Reilly.
TEEN FICTION STEVENS, C.C. Four three two one / Courtney Stevens.
TEEN FICTION STROHM, S.K. Love à  la mode / Stephanie Kate Strohm.
TEEN FICTION TALLEY, R. Pulp / Robin Talley.
TEEN FICTION VAN DAM, K. Come November / Katrin van Dam.
TEEN FICTION WEST, H. Realm of ruins : a Nissera novel / Hannah West.
TEEN FICTION ZUSAK, M. Bridge of Clay / Markus Zusak.