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Amanda K.

My family and I are going on our first family vacation in almost a decade to the Grand Canyon!

Ed B.

Has anyone noticed how many great writers are named Dave?

Erin L.

Though I've been out of school for awhile now, I still love learning.

Jacob S.

I’m reading my way through some of the Stephen King gaps in my literary history.

Karen B.

If you want some October thrills without the scares, check out my recommendations.

Katelyn V.

The theme song from the movie Halloween will forever give me nightmares...

Kelly K.

I'm reading up on history, science, and funny trivia!

Kira R.

I’m a summer girl all the way, but I love the smells and tastes of fall.

Lauren C.

Time to cozy up with a cup of tea/coffee, watch the colors change, and read Jane Austen.

Loree N.

Lately I'm craving books about the end of the world or the supernatural. 

Sharon H.

Nuts to you! Here are some squirrely books for a fall day.

Suzy M.

Summertime means getting my hands dirty in the garden.

Tom B.

All things horror, scary, Gothic, and supernatural is my cup of tea! Plus Friday the thirteenth!