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Amanda K.

There are some absolutely fantastic teen fantasy debuts and new installments of series.

Ed B.

Enjoy some of my favorite groundbreaking filmmakers across all genres.

Erin L.

I'm reading books inspired by Hamilton.


Get in the mood for Bristol Renaissance Faire with these books and movies.

Katelyn V.

Beat the heat with a good book and a cold drink! Check out my favorite young adult reads.

Kelly K.

I'm teaching my pet bunny to play Jenga, while enjoying audiobooks!

Kira R.

I have always had a borderline obsession with France, the language, and the culture. 

Lauren C.

All of these women face very difficult times in their life and push through with grit. 

Loree N.

It’s time to hunker down at the beach with a can’t-put-down mystery and work on that sunburn!

Sharon H.

Here's an array of titles showing the immigrant experience from a kids point of view. 

Suzy M.

A comfortable lounge chair in the shade, a cold drink, and a good book is just heavenly.