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Amanda K.

Check out these 2018 and upcoming movies and tv shows based on books!

Ed B.

Relax with some very original graphic novels.

Erin L.

I'm reading books inspired by Hamilton.


Immerse yourself in a technolog

Katelyn V.

These are my favorite soundtracks to sing at the top of my lungs!

Kelly K.

I'm teaching my pet bunny to play Jenga, while enjoying audiobooks!

Kira R.

When a sentence reads like poetry, as they do in these books, I fall head over heels.

Lauren C.

Yoga has done wonders, mentally and physically, for me and countless others. 

Loree N.

With the kids back to school, you deserve to lose yourself in a good sci-fi or thriller.

Sharon H.

I liked The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang so much, here's a list of readalikes.

Suzy M.

A comfortable lounge chair in the shade, a cold drink, and a good book is just heavenly.