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Amanda K.

Find love, face loss, and discover life with these realistic teen titles.

Dawn G.

I recently started reading The Book of Joy.

Erin L.

I've been reading about my sheroes--and discovering some new ones! 

Lauren C.

My Favorite book of the month was A Dog's Purpose

Tom B.

I love rain, so a whole month dedicated to wet weather makes me happy!

Kelly K.

Now that the kids are on Spring Break, I'd love to share my favorite family films! 

Mieko L.

 I absolutely love hearing what books you’ve read and enjoyed!

Shannon G.

I'm celebrating the Cubs with some baseball themed books.

Sharon H.

I'm excited about the new Anne of Green Gables series on Netflix in May.

Suzy M.

My reading includes historical family dramas during WWII.

Sue O.

I’m currently enjoying fast-paced, page turning novels.