Staff Directory

Julie Milavec
Library Director
Julie came to the library in August 2016, during the 125th anniversary year for the library. She looks forward to leading the way into the next 125 years of service for the Downers Grove Library. She is an avid audiobook reader because they allow her to read while gardening and walking her dog, two of her other favorite pastimes.
Melissa (Doornbos) Fischer
Public Relations Manager, Adult Program Coordinator
Melissa began working at the library in 2010 and looks forward to many more years of fun and hard work while here. She is a self-proclaimed bookworm who enjoys running, vacationing, and doing Random Acts of Kindness.
Jen Fredericks
Technical Services Manager
Jen joined our team in December 2013. She previously served as head cataloger at Lisle Library, a position she held for ten years, and as Assistant Director of Reference Services as well. She enjoys spending time with family, reading about sociological issues, going to concerts, gardening, cooking, and entertaining.
Christine Lees
Circulation Services Manager
Christine has had the awesome privilege to work in public libraries for the past twenty years, enjoying watching libraries become the center of the communities they serve. A fan of all things 80's, you will hear Christine say, "Awesome!".. like, a lot! British humor, listening to audio books and helping others are a few of her favorite things.
Susan O’Brien
Assistant Director for Support Services, ADA Coordinator
Sue has worked at the Downers Grove Public Library as a Reference Librarian, Literature and Audio Services Librarian, and Department Head before becoming the Assistant Director for Support Services. She especially enjoys reading mysteries.
Paul Regis
Information Technology Manager
Since joining the library in 2006, Paul has worked many different IT-related positions. His previous employers described him as "a good son" and "get out of my garage". He is excited to see what advances in artificial intelligence will offer, mainly so that he will never again have to think about what to have for dinner. He relaxes by harassing his two cats, and he swears he will get around to reading one of these days.
Bonnie Reid
Assistant Director for Public Services
Bonnie has worked for the library for over 30 years, as Reference Librarian, Manager of the Reference Department and now as Assistant Director for Public Services. She has enjoyed helping implement the library's renovation and planning the library's future. She enjoys reading nonfiction, especially memoirs, history, nature, and pets.
Allyson Renell
Children's Services Manager
Allyson joined the library in October 2015 after moving back to Illinois from Coastal Virginia. She loves helping kids and their families use and enjoy the library's programs and services. In her free time she enjoys cooking, eating, traveling, and sharing stories.
Nicole Wilhelms
Adult & Teen Services Manager
Nicole has worked in a library in one way or another since college. She attended the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and her first job out of graduate school was at the Downers Grove Public Library.
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Digital Librarian
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Interlibrary Loan Supervisor
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Executive Assistant
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